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  • Time Well Spent

    Time Well Spent

    A Life Teen blog, by Adam Cross Life right now seems like a weird movie with so many things being closed and cancelled. With more time at home, it’s tempting to binge Netflix or Hulu, or get a little stir crazy; but it’s also a chance to get creative and even pump up your prayer…

  • Mass During COVID-19

    Mass During COVID-19

    A Life Teen blog, written by Rachel Penate On Tuesday, when the Diocese of Phoenix made their announcement for the suspension of all public Masses and the dispensation of the Sunday obligation, my heart sank. Absolutely sank. It’s really happening, I thought. We are actually starting a Eucharistic fast… how am I going to feel…

  • Peace During COVID-19

    Peace During COVID-19

    A Life Teen blog by Stephanie Espinoza Welcome to the year 2020, where we don’t yet have personal flight devices yet but we do all have to adhere to some strict social distancing in order to flatten the curve on a worldwide pandemic. What a wild ride, mi gente. At this point in time, there…

  • Catholic During COVID-19

    Catholic During COVID-19

    A Life Teen Blog – written by Leah Murphy, posted Monday, March 16, 3:21 PM PST By the time you read this blog, things will likely have changed, and I pray and hope for the better — but it’s quite possible that they’ve grown increasingly difficult. We’re all facing something, unlike anything we’ve ever lived…

  • Thought for the day

    As human beings we have are complex and wonderful beings. As complex and wonderful beings we also have a multitude of emotions which sometimes we don’t know how to handle. In this chart we can seek strength from the Lord whatever we are feeling. Refer back to this when you need something to guide you.