Time Well Spent

A Life Teen blog, by Adam Cross

Life right now seems like a weird movie with so many things being closed and cancelled. With more time at home, it’s tempting to binge Netflix or Hulu, or get a little stir crazy; but it’s also a chance to get creative and even pump up your prayer life. While our daily routines are up in the air for now, do your best to have fun, remain healthy,  and invite the Prince of Peace Himself into your daily life. For some inspiration, look no further than… right here: 


  1. Pretend the Floor is Lava!
  2. Learn how to pray the Rosary if you don’t already
  3. Learn how to make a Rosary – it’s easier than you’d think
  4. Crack open that dusty Bible and start reading the Gospels — one chapter a day is a good way to start
  5. Learn how to cook and try to make dinner for your family
  6. Have a virtual hangout with your friends.  Video-chat with them and check in with them!
  7. Stretch, do some push-ups, learn some new at-home exercises
  8. Build a pillow fort
  9. Read more of the Life Teen blog
  10. Spend 15 minutes a day in silence or praying ‘Come Holy Spirit’
  11. Start journaling. Check-in with yourself! How are you feeling through all of this? What thoughts are dominating your mind?
  12. Play MarioKart and kick your mom’s butt at it
  13. Put together that random puzzle in your house
  14. Clean AND organize your room
  15. Make your bed every single day 
  16. See how many Fr. Mike Schmitz videos you can watch in day on YouTube
  17. Pick up a new Catholic podcast to listen to 
  18. Create a new YouTube channel
  19. Read a book by a Saint or a Spiritual author on how to improve your faith life
  20. Hang out with your pets, give them a hug ( if you don’t have pets, google puppies)
  21. Call your Grandma! 
  22. Go through your closet and choose clothes to give away — anything that you haven’t worn in the past 6 months
  23. Clean underneath your bed 
  24. Start doing a daily Examen 
  25. Watch Mass online
  26. Pray for those who are ill and suffering
  27. Make a list of family and friends you can pray for and pray for them each day
  28. Learn how to play card games
  29. Teach your family how to play card games
  30. Make a list of all your blessings and thank God for them
  31. Play charades or Fish Bowl with your family
  32. Write letters to people you need to forgive (don’t mail them!)
  33. Write letters to friends (do mail them!)
  34. Record your grandma or grandpa talking about their life story
  35. Make a list of those who have died and pray for them and all those in purgatory
  36. Make a Kahoot and play it with your friends! 
  37. Watch movie classics 
  38. Read the Chronicles of Narnia
  39. Learn new worship music
  40. Read the lives of the saints and maybe the lives of some soon to be saints
  41. Practice your summersaults 
  42. Go on YouTube and begin learning how to code 
  43. Learn Morse Code 
  44. Write a blog (and submit it to the youth office so we can share it with others!)
  45. Roast marshmallows and make s’mores 
  46. Start thumb-wars with your family 
  47. Become a Super Smash Bros master
  48. Watch a movie and write a review for it
  49. Water your plants around the house
  50. Pick up the dog poop/clean the litter box. Fun! 
  51. Remodel your room/move your furniture around for that open floor plan feel
  52. Stargaze in between clouds – try to find constellations in the sky
  53. Learn how to bake from scratch
  54. Learn a TikTok dance
  55. Look up videos of penguins online
  56. Practice those Catholic pick up lines 
  57. Check-in with your friends about their prayer lives
  58. Solve a Rubix Cube
  59. Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet
  60. Memorize those prayers you always forget the words to
  61. Pray the Stations of the Cross from home; or life from Life Teen’s Instagram page every day at 6:00PM EST
  62. Look up how to pray a Scriptural Rosary 
  63. Do an indoor scavenger hunt with your family 
  64. Try to learn a new language (hellooooo Duolingo!) 
  65. Read The Lamb’s Supper by Scott Hahn
  66. Watch all 11 Star Wars movies and the Mandalorian 
  67. Start a Words with Friends Game with some pals
  68. Practice a new instrument or learn how to play a new song
  69. Delete those old social media accounts you don’t use
  70. Learn how to beatbox
  71. Try to paint or draw something
  72. Write a poem to give to someone special
  73. Write a short story
  74. Just talk to God – tell Him how much you love Him and ask Him to tell you how much He loves you