National Youth Pilgrimage 2019

On 31st August the Scottish Catholic Youth Service hosted a National Youth Pilgrimage to St Andrews to mark the 701st Anniversary of St Andrew. The day began with a gathering in St James’ RC Parish and a welcome from Archbishop Leo Cushley and members of the SCYS team. The gathering was then split into 2 groups, with those aged between 15 and 30 embarking on a ‘pilgrim walk’ around the town to several stations, where they learned some of the history of the town and prayed for different intentions. Those aged between 11 and 15 took part in some fun and educational activities, including exploration of St James’ Church and a sing-song around a campfire on one of the beautiful beaches. The activities included completing a ‘way card’ with religious symbols which could be found all around the town.

The day concluded with veneration of the relics of St Andrew in the grounds of the Cathedral ruins, followed by Holy Mass celebrated by the Archbishop in St James’. Overall, the day was very spirit-filled and enjoyable. From the Diocese of Dunkeld, 22 young people attended, contributing to a total of almost 150 from around the country.